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Re: Titles for CLIM menus

  Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 08:42:43 PST
  From: Curt Eggemeyer <>
  Subject: Titles for CLIM menus
  How do I get a title to appear with my menus when I go through the
  menu-choose route.  Is this a bug?  I am on a SPARC using Allegro
  with CLIM 1.0.
  I get the same menu when I do either of the following:
  (menu-choose '(test this out))   or;
  (menu-choose '(test this out) :label "Where's my title")

It looks like menu-choose does a (SETF (WINDOW-LABEL MENU) LABEL) which
under CLX eventually does a setf of WM-NAME and WM-ICON-NAME.  However,
this has no effect on menus which are not decorated by the X window
manager, such as menus.



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