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Support for CLIM on Allegro

If you are supported Franz customer and you have a question/problem
concerning CLIM 1.0 on Allegro you should contact us directly by sending
mail to or if you have more general questions to  This way you are guaranteed to get a timely response.

While we have not been active on the clim mailing list, we have been
spending a significant amount of time supporting our CLIM customers.  We
are also working on speeding up CLIM 1.0 and developing CLIM 2.0.

Chris Richardson, Franz Inc.	1995 University Avenue, Suite 275         
cer@Franz.COM (internet)	Berkeley, CA  94704                       
uunet!franz!cer (uucp)		Phone: (510) 548-3600; FAX: (510) 548-8253


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