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Support for CLIM on Allegro

    Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1991 14:41 EST
    From: Chris Richardson <>

    If you are supported Franz customer and you have a question/problem
    concerning CLIM 1.0 on Allegro you should contact us directly by sending
    mail to or if you have more general questions to  This way you are guaranteed to get a timely response.

    While we have not been active on the clim mailing list, we have been
    spending a significant amount of time supporting our CLIM customers.  We
    are also working on speeding up CLIM 1.0 and developing CLIM 2.0.

By the way, I second Robert Futrelle's motion that CLIM@BBN.COM is a
good forum for relaying answers to interesting questions.  It would be a
good thing to have many expert on the CLIM mailing list, and passing on
information is a good start.

I, for one, hope that people like Chris contribute more to this list.
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