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Application of execute-frame-command and menu-choose question

Question 1) How do I manually invoke execute-frame-command with a command and
a *unsupplied-argument*?

Assuming your using the CLIM package.

ex: No arguments for command called do-it it is just,

	(execute-frame-command *application-frame* '(com-do-it))

	This works!

whereas if another command called do-it-with-an-arg, when I try

	(execute-frame-command *my-application-frame*
		(list 'com-do-it-with-an-arg *unsupplied-argument*))

	Nothing happens, except that I get #:unsupplied-argument as a
return value!#@$%^$%  I am sort of emulating a presentation-to-command
translator for my menu-choose items.

Question 2)  Is there a way to have non-selectable items in menu-choose
menus and if so how to you do it?  I like to have menu section labels (which I
emulate now by using different text style) in my menus grouping specific items,
plus spacing around items in which I use a blank string as an item.  But
unfortunately these items are still highlighting.  Or am I stuck with doing
it differently by using accepting-values with its own window which I find is
a bit too slow for me?


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