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Application of execute-frame-command and menu-choose question

    Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1991 11:53 EST
    From: Curt Eggemeyer <>

    Question 1) How do I manually invoke execute-frame-command with a command and
    a *unsupplied-argument*?

    Assuming your using the CLIM package.

    ex: No arguments for command called do-it it is just,

	    (execute-frame-command *application-frame* '(com-do-it))

	    This works!

    whereas if another command called do-it-with-an-arg, when I try

	    (execute-frame-command *my-application-frame*
		    (list 'com-do-it-with-an-arg *unsupplied-argument*))

	    Nothing happens, except that I get #:unsupplied-argument as a
    return value!#@$%^$%  I am sort of emulating a presentation-to-command
    translator for my menu-choose items.

It's not meaninful to execute a command which is missing some of its
required arguments.  EXECUTE-FRAME-COMMAND is not expected to devine the
values of unsupplied arguments (though it is a generic function, you
could customize it if you wanted).

CLIM makes an effort to make sure that partial copmmands are not seen
outside those functions which are responsible for reading and returning
commands.  CLIM:READ-COMMAND-USING-KEYSTROKES and the accept method for
COMMAND both invoke the *partial-command-parser* function if the command
has unspecified required arguments.


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