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*application-frame* binding inside an accepting-values

    Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1991 12:07 EST
    From: Scott McKay <>

	Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1991 07:54 EST
	From: Markus Fischer <>

	The following refers to
	 CLIM                           27.5  (ECO level 1)
	 CLIM Demo                      27.0
	 CLIM Documentation             31.0
	as shipped with Genera 8.1.1

	I noticed that the special variable *application-frame* inside
	an accepting-values, which itself is an application frame, is bound to 
	this application. This only becomes visible, when being also inside an accept method.
	(define-presentation-type dummy ())
	(define-presentation-method accept ((type dummy) stream (view textual-view) &key)
	  (print *application-frame* stream))
	(accepting-values () (accept 'dummy :default NIL))

	However, I doubt that this is the right way, because it should be invisble
	to the clim user that avv is a separate application.

	The real problem is, that I cannot access MY application frame via
	*application-frame* anymore when I'm inside such an accept method nested in an AVV.
Of course, the problem can usually be worked around by binding your own special variable to
a specific application frame, either at the time the application is made, or via the value of
*application-frame* when its value is your application.
	Should this be corrected, or is this already corrected?

    This is already fixed in the development version of CLIM 1.x

    Canned message: I don't know when the fixes to CLIM 1.0 will appear
    in the field.  Each vendor has their own set of release schedules and


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