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Re: LUV-92 Theme and Speaker Quest

>It has just occurred to me (and I don't know why no one else thought of
>it) that no East Coast manager is going to approve sending the same guy
>to two similiar West Coast conferences one month apart.  Easterners
>have to choose between AAAI and LUV '92.  Which will win?

I tried pointing this out in Gaithersburg, I should have made myself
clearer.  Unless people are use Lisp for non-AI stuff, AAAI's gonna win
hands-down. Given that:
a) already got name recognition.
b) its out of the bootstrapping phase.
c) being larger, can negotiate with hotels better.
d) being larger, can negotiate with airlines better.
there's little chance that managers who have a choice are going to send
them to both. 

A bit of history.  Many years ago, when it was still Xerox Lisp, the
users group toyed with the idea of getting absorbed into EDGE, a huge
users group which caters to Xerox customers, most of whom are Fortune
100 and government types. There were some significant advantages, most
important of which being that Xerox corporate recognises EDGE in a big
way, to the point of sponsoring about a quarter to a half of the
expenses, having established standards for bug reports/feature requests,
 generally sends at the least a VP, more likely the CEO to the
conference, etc. In other words, doing so would have made the Lisp users
group a Real Thing as far as Xerox corporate was concerned.  Still, the
users vehemently opposed joining up, and one of the biggest reasons was
because few managers would approve sending someone to both EDGE and
AAAI, even though they were about 6 months apart. This was during the AI
boom, so funds were rather loose. 



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