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Text Column

I'd appreciate some help on displaying a column of text down the right
side of my window. The text is not in its own pane because I don't want
the pane border that I can't shut off in MCL CLIM.

The text is actually a series of short paragraphs to be displayed like a
one column newspaper.

I tried (filling-output (window :fill-width column-width)
             (format window "~A" text-paragraph))
after (stream-set-cursor-position* window column-left column-top)
which got the first line right, but wrapped all the way to the left
side of the window. Actually, I wrapped the filling-output with
formatting-item-list and formatting-cell.

What should I have done?
In the future, the paragraphs will be selectable as units. Does that change
the recommended approach?
Thanks in advance, Seth Powsner  Powsner@NLM.NIH.GOV  @YaleMed.Bitnet


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