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LUV-92 Theme and Speaker Quest

re: It has just occurred to me (and I don't know why no one else thought of
    it) that no East Coast manager is going to approve sending the same guy
    to two similiar West Coast conferences one month apart.  Easterners will
    have to choose between AAAI and LUV '92.  Which will win?

Uh, when is AAAI?  July?  Recall that Lisp & Functional Programming '92
also is third week of June.

Quite possibly, some of these conferences may be mostly marketing
oriented and some mostly technical oriented.  So if the same guy
doesn't go to each one, that might not be so bad.  It could be bad
however, if the company decides to send a representative only to
one or two of them.

-- JonL --



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