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Two menu-item panes each with its own command-table??

    Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1991 13:12 EST
    From: "William (Bill" <>, "Arbaugh)"@BBN.COM

    PROBLEM:  How to have more than one configuration each with
    its own menu pane and command table.

The following works for me:
;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Base: 10; Package: CLIM-USER -*-

;;;>       Symbolics hereby grants permission to customer to incorporate
;;;>       the examples in this file in any work belonging to customer.

;;; Simple example of how to use command-table inheritance to get
;;; multiple menus in a frame.

(define-command-table primary)

(define-command (com-red :command-table primary :menu t) ()
  (echo-command *application-frame* "Red"))

(define-command (com-blue :command-table primary :menu t) ()
  (echo-command *application-frame* "Blue"))

(define-command (com-green :command-table primary :menu t) ()
  (echo-command *application-frame* "Green"))

(define-command-table secondary)

(define-command (com-yellow :command-table secondary :menu t) ()
  (echo-command *application-frame* "Yellow"))

(define-command (com-cyan :command-table secondary :menu t) ()
  (echo-command *application-frame* "Cyan"))

(define-command (com-magenta :command-table secondary :menu t) ()
  (echo-command *application-frame* "Magenta"))

(clim:define-application-frame multi-menu ()
  (:command-table (t :inherit-from (primary secondary)))
  (:panes ((display :application)
	   (own-menu :command-menu)
	   (primary-menu :command-menu
			 :display-function '(clim:display-command-menu :command-table primary))
	   (secondary-menu :command-menu
			   :display-function '(clim:display-command-menu :command-table secondary))))
  (:layout ((primary
	     (:column 1
	      (display :rest)
	      (:row 1/6 (primary-menu :compute) (own-menu :rest))))
	      (:column 1
	       (display :rest)
	       (:row 1/6 (secondary-menu :compute) (own-menu :rest)))))))

(define-multi-menu-command (com-exit-multi-menu :menu "Exit") ()
  (frame-exit *application-frame*))

(defmethod echo-command ((frame multi-menu) string)
  (let ((stream (get-frame-pane frame 'display)))
    (format stream "~%The ~A command." string)))

(define-multi-menu-command (switch-configurations :menu "Switch") ()
  (let ((new-config (case (frame-current-layout *application-frame*)
		      (primary 'secondary)
		      (secondary 'primary))))
    (set-frame-layout *application-frame* new-config)))


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