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Two menu-item panes each with its own command-table??

Has anyone figured out how to do this yet in Clim 1.X ?

PROBLEM:  How to have more than one configuration each with
its own menu pane and command table.

WHAT I'VE TRIED using Genera 8.1.1 with CLIM 27.5:  I've figured
out how to get a separate menu pane and associate a command table
with that via #'display-command-menu and the :display-function
option.  However when I switch to that configuration, I can see
the menu items but they are not mouse sensitive and the interactor
has the commands from the other command table!

After looking around in the documentation for while, I'm afraid
I might have to monkey with the applications top-level since
the set-frame-layout function throws to the top level.  I imagine
I'll have to catch that throw and set the appropriate command-table
there for the interactor.

Has anyone else done this?  Is there (hopefully) an easier (and more
intuitive way - like a keyword arg for :interactor panes) that I'm

		Happy Holidays,



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