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Re: Anybody else hitting completion errors on accept?

> In the command processor, hitting the Space key or the Input Editor's
> history yank command (control-meta-Y, or is it Escape control-Y under
> Allegro?)  should yank the default into the input buffer.  I recently
> also fixed a bug that caused a blowout when you typed a completion
> character to non-completing types such as INTEGER.

I have yet to ever get defaults to work under Lucid CLIM on a Sparc.
When, for example, I do clim:accept on a string with a default and a
prompt supplied, both the default and the prompt appear, but neither
space nor ESC ctl-Y nor ctl-meta-Y have any effect.  That is, they do
not cause the default that appears in the prompt to be placed in the
input buffer.



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