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Does ink affect non-drawn text?

Consider the following function:

(defun color-text1 0(ink)
  (clim:with-drawing-options (nil :ink ink)
    (write-line "hi there")

Should "hi there" always print in the foreground color, or should its
presence/absence/color depend in some way on the argument to COLOR-TEXT?

On my monochrome Symbolics XL1200, passing COLOR-TEXT a sufficiently
dark color such as CLIM:+GREEN+ causes "hi there" to print (in black on
a white background, i.e. the foreground color); passing COLOR-TEXT a
lighter color such as CLIM:+CYAN+ causes "hi there" not to show up at
all.  (Presumably, it is printing in the background color.)

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories

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