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CLIM 2.0 specs

    Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1992 14:20 EST
    From: Daniel Edelson <>

    I have seen several requests on this mailing list for information
    about the CLIM 2.0 specs but have never seen any responses.  I can
    only assume that someone is maintaining a policy of keeping those
    specifications under wraps.

There is no policy for keeping the spec under wraps.  It has quite
simply not been released, for mostly stupid reasons, which I will avoid
elaborating on.

    Assuming this is correct, at what point can we expect the specs for
    CLIM 2.0 to become available for public review?

I had hoped to see a public draft released on October 1, 1991.  I hope
to see a public draft released "soon".

By the way, I suspect that "public review" of the spec may carry less
weight for CLIM than some people might hope.  That is, much of the
design is complete and pretty much frozen (for schedule, manpower, and
compatibility reasons).  For CLIM 2.0, most feature requests will
probably be turned down, suggestions for sweeping changes will be
rejected, and even gratuitous minor changes will not be accepted.  This
does not mean that CLIM users will not be listened to - in fact, many of
your bug reports, suggestions, etc., have already made important
contributions to the CLIM 2.0 draft specification.  The main issue is
one of schedule: the vendors involved feel that we must get CLIM 2.0
into the field, and that the best possible feedback will come from
people using it in conjunction with reading the spec.

CLIM 2.1 (or whatever the successor to CLIM 2.0 is) incorporate a
substantial amount of customer feedback.


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