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CLIM 2.0 specs

    Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1992 14:20 EST
    From: Daniel Edelson <>

    I have seen several requests on this mailing list for information
    about the CLIM 2.0 specs but have never seen any responses.  I can
    only assume that someone is maintaining a policy of keeping those
    specifications under wraps.
No - they're just not done yet.  CLIM 2.0 is a fusion of the two
existing CLIM dialects (CLIM 1.0 aka "Y-Windows" and CLIM 0.9 aka
"Silica CLIM").  The fusion is being done by ILA (the original authors
of both dialects) and Symbolics (the principal productizers of CLIM
1.0), and "should be ready soon."  As soon as it is, it'll be made

    Assuming this is correct, at what point can we expect the specs for
    CLIM 2.0 to become available for public review?
At LUV'91, we thought (and I said) that it would be out by the end of
November last.  Keeping that prognosticatorial track record in mind, we
now think it'll be by the end of January.


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