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Moral equivalent of clim::pprint needed

Subject line says it all.  I have some lisp expressions that need to
be ground into a scroll window, respecting the width of the visible
part so that I don't have to scroll to see the entire expression.

I've tried the obvious, namely including the stream corresponding to
the window as the stream argument to pprint, and in Lucid CL on the
RS/6000, it blows out claiming that the object involved isn't a
stream.  Yet that is what our other routines print to.  Any ideas?


Prof. Kenneth D. Forbus
Qualitative Reasoning Group
The Institute for the Learning Sciences
Northwestern University
1890 Maple Avenue
Evanston, Illinois, 60201, USA

voice: (708) 491-7699
fax: (708) 491-5258


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