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Graceful shutdown and restart of CLIM

For those of you who read usenet - comp.lang.lisp; I recently posted
a request similar to this one there regarding doing the same thing
with Lispview...


I would like to have a developers interface in CLIM which includes
a "save" function that does an image save. The saved image, when
run, should recreate the CLIM interface. The CLIM interface is to
be the only interface to the system.

The documentation says little or nothing about how to gracefully
shut down CLIM (e.g. disconnect from the X server on a Sun)
and then, after an image is saved and then run, direct some restart
function to restart the interface.

I run Lisp and CLIM in several environments. While each has its
own unique method for saving lisp images, (e.g. disksave on Lucid,
save-application on MCL) I would like to insulate the user/developers
who will be adding code to my base system from the system specifics
of image saving.

I would like to use CLIM to allow a user to load additional code
into the system, and then save the new, extended application built
from my base. When this new application is run, the CLIM interface should
restart. The user will use CLIM rather than the base lisp listener.
Thus, I would like to build a single environment that will handle the
following. Any suggestions for graceful shutdown, image-save, and restart
in the following environments (even those marked "not an issue") would
be appreciated.

1. Sparc Lucid (development, delivery) - Disksave
   The "save" facility is particularly needed in this environment.

2. Mac MCL 2.0 (development, delivery) - save-application
   The "save" facility is particularly needed in this environment.

3. Sparc, Allegro (development, delivery) - ?
   Allegro is just being purchased. Now that Sun Common Lisp no longer
   exists, I want to be portable to both of the players on the now
   level playing field. The "save" facility will be used in this
   environment when it arrives.

4. Symbolics Genera (development)
   Not really an issue. The symbolics is used for base development
   by users who can handle the issues. The end-users and more
   casual developers for whom the "save" facility is desired do not
   operate in this environment.

5. Symbolics CLOE development (development)
   Not an issue.

6. MS-DOS CLOE (delivery)
   Not an issue. But it would be nice if it were...
   CLOE currently does not allow image saves from the CLIM/Windows

7. MS-DOS Gold Hill GCLisp (development? delivery?)
   We have a GCLisp on order, but they do not yet have a CLIM.
   When they have a CLOS/CLIM I intend to port to this as well.

8. Any other Common Lisp / CLOS / CLIM environments out there I
   should be considering?

					Skip Egdorf


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