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Graceful shutdown and restart of CLIM

Howdy Mr. Egdorf,

>I would like to have a developers interface in CLIM which includes
>a "save" function that does an image save. The saved image, when
>run, should recreate the CLIM interface. The CLIM interface is to
>be the only interface to the system.

>1. Sparc Lucid (development, delivery) - Disksave
>   The "save" facility is particularly needed in this environment.

To save an image that will restart an application using Lucid Common
Lisp(LCL), use the :restart-function keyword to disksave.

To quit out of LCL completely you might try something like: 

(define-to-do-command (com-quit-to-do :menu "Quit")
  (let ((ftlw (frame-top-level-window *application-frame*)))
    (setf (window-visibility ftlw) nil)
    (force-output ftlw))
  (frame-exit *application-frame*)

If the user clicks on this menu item, the lisp process will
terminate and the user will be left at the unix prompt.


John Kern
Lucid, Inc.
Customer Support

PS  	If you have further questions that are specific to the
Lucid implementation of CLIM, contact us at


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