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Oversized Formatting-Tables in scrollable panes

First, thanks for the help and hints on the use of formatting-tables within
accepting-values. Now for my next question.  This concerns the operation of
scrollable panes within the application.  In my particular case I have
instances in which I generate a huge editor using accepting-values on my
data objects.  This sometimes includes such things as the formatting-tables.
Assuming the pane for accepting-values operation is scrollable in both
directions, how to I keep the pane positioned at its origin when my accepts within accepting values goes beyond the panes displayable dimensions? I know I
can always reposition the viewport position, but it is a little tacky that the
presentations force the scrolling to the extents of the tables and other accept operations.   Is there a simple form or pane variable I can set to keep the
pane positioned at its viewport origin even when the accepting-values goes
beyond its viewable limits?


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