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    Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1992 06:13 EST
    From:     Ralf Nikolai <>

    Hello CLIMers,

    I have just another problem with accept inside an accepting value.
    It works fine, if you enter values from the wanted presentation-type,
    but it works not very fine, if you enter wrong-type values
    (e.g. 1/2 where CLIM expects an integer) CLIM writes:

       The input read, 1/2, was not an integer.
       Please edit your input.


    O.K. But any other output (of other accepts in the same accepting-value-macro)
    is over-written. That doesn't look very nice.

    To get the feeling just start the test-code (from the CLIM-manual), click on
    'Set Time' and enter 1/2 for month.

    Any hints to avoid this effect?

There's nothing you can do.  It needs to be fixed inside of CLIM, but
on some losing hosts (like Genera, which I use), the fix is even worse
than the cure.  With any luck, we will think of something before CLIM
2.0 comes out.

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