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   Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 12:36:58 PST
   From: Curt Eggemeyer <>

	   From: Ralf Nikolai <>
	   To: clim@BBN.COM
	   Subject:  accept
	   Organization:  Forschungszentrum Informatik FZI
	   Status: R

	   Hello CLIMers,

	   I have just another problem with accept inside an accepting value.
	   It works fine, if you enter values from the wanted presentation-type,
	   but it works not very fine, if you enter wrong-type values

   Yeah, I have that problem too.  Hopefully, in the newer versions of CLIM
   they will pop up notification windows on accept parse-error situations and
   just leave the cursor where it is.

We've been bothered by this for a while.  Coincidentally, Ken Anderson has
just finished some CLIM 0.9 support for exactly what you've described (a
popup notification window that goes away as soon as you press
Delete/Rubout).  We'll forward this patch to the CLIM development team, and
post it here in a few days (if there are no legal problems with this).



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