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CLIM 1.1

    Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1992 12:57 EST
    From: Chris Richardson <>

    I believe that the original CLX backend did not take into account the
    resolution of the display when selecting fonts.  This has been changed in
    later versions. Also, in the latest CLX backend, the way the fonts are
    obtained has been changed and so opening a CLX root window is now
    substantially faster.  I imagine that these changes should eventually be
    incorporated into the CLIM supplied by your particular vendor.

In fact, I have already redistributed these changes to ILA (who will be
using them in MCL, and should be sending them to Harlequin) and to
Lucid.  I believe that Lucid is in the process of packaging up a new
version of CLIM, and will be releasing it soon.  I believe the Franz
will also soon be releasing a CLIM 1.1.  It is certainly true that
Symbolics is now testing CLIM 1.1 (to run under Genera 8.1+) and will be
releasing it soon.  (By the way, I am not a spokesman, official or
otherwise, for ILA, Franz, or Lucid, so take what I say with a grain of
salt; apologies to them if I am making any mis-statements.)

In addition to these CLX fixes, CLIM 1.1 also has probably about two
hundred bugfixes and small enhancements beyond CLIM 1.0.  Many of these
improvements were made in response to mail on this mailing list.


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