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Clim windows and xlib resources

I have noticed that clim 1.0 under xlib does not specify the
WM_CLASS window property.  That is,

(xlib:get-wm-class (slot-value (clim:frame-top-level-window frame)
  => NIL

As far as I can tell, if the window had a "class", such as "CLIM",
then I could add things to my .Xdefaults file to control how the
window manager decorates clim windows:

olwm.MinimalDecor: clim

I recall a discussion a couple of weeks ago trying to determine how
such windows get named.  That discussion did not seem to come to
a successful conclusion.  What I want to know is:

Does someone out there know any other tricks for inhibiting decorations
on a frame's top-level window?

Obviously menu-choose menus have no decorations.  Does someone out
there know how CLIM prevents the window manager from decorating menus?

jeff morrill

P.S.  I'm not an expert in CLX, but shouldn't clim set the WM_CLASS
(via xlib:set-wm-class)?  Is this a bug?

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