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    Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1992 22:22+0100
    From:     Ralf Nikolai <>

    Hello CLIMers,

    I found some amazing error (?) with updating-output.
    The update of the first pane (vehicle, see listing below)
    in my define-application-frame doesn't work correct,
    things aren't updated.
    If I insert some pane before the 'error'-pane in :panes - without
    doing anything with this additional pane, it stays invisible -
    the code works!
    You can compile the following example, type (init <hostname>)
    to get the initial window, then type (show-info-window '(1 2 3 4))
    to get the error (not updated pane).

    Ralf Nikolai
    email: nicolai& 

    P.S.: My platform is a SYMBOLICS UX1200S with CLIM1.0.

First of all, I had to replace the :compute layout constraint for the command menu pane by :rest to avoid
an error - I guess it only works for your site because you have a bigger screen than I do.

Secondly, your code is still too complex to easily understand the point.
HOWEVER, I OBSERVED THE BEHAVIOR YOU DESCRIBED, even in the developer's version of CLIM.
It really seems to be something special about the first pane, (I just can't imagine what)  because you only
need to swap the descriptions of the first two panes (so that "vehicle" is not the first one anymore).

But I found your code somewhat complicated for incremental redisplay. Instead of calling redisplay-frame-pane directly 
you should mark panes with :display-after-commands T and turn your functions into commands.
I expect the problem to go away then. If it's still there, I suggest to send
a detailed bug report to Symbolics Software Service (you may mention my name, if you wish).

Markus Fischer
Consulting Services
Symbolics Systemhaus GmbH
Mergenthaler Allee 77-81
W-6236 Eschborn

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