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CLIM 1.0 bug

In Lucid CLIM 1.0b (10-jun-91, patches through #6063) on Sparc, SunOS
4.1, X11R5 server...

	If a CLIM frame is manually reshaped (i.e. via twm window
decorations), the frame (and subcomponents) reshape correctly, but the
pointer highlighting but *not* the actual sensitivity gets shifted
from the frame's origin to the parent screen's origin - i.e. if the
frame is positioned at (50, 100) on the screen and output record A is
at (200, 300) on the frame, reshaping the frame results in:
	1. clicking at (200,300) in the frame does the right thing -
activates a command associated with output record A.
	2. But output record A only *highlights* when the pointer is
at (200,300)-(50,100)=(150,200)!
This is true for all window streams within the frame, and is fixed by
*repositioning* the frame.

	-mik (

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