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accepting-values recursively

    Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 12:52 EST
    From: Curt Eggemeyer <>

    I'm hitting slow turnaround time in accepting-values with objects
    that can have over a thousand accepts for their parameters.  I can
    break them down by doing recursive calls to accepting-values.  This
    will require a bit of recoding on my part and before I try it I want
    to know if anybody has tried recursion on accepting-values.  If so,
    is there any special undocumented gotcha's that I will have to worry
    about?  Will I gain response speed by doing this way?  I'm thinking
    of implementing this beast in the following manner:

Recursive calls to ACCEPTING-VALUES will work.  I suggest that the
recursive calls actually appear inside of calls to ACCEPT-VALUES-COMMAND-BUTTON.

Actually, what I really suggest is that you decompose the attributes for
your objects into multiple orthogonal subsets.  Any dialog with a
thousand items in it, no matter how speedy, will be a very difficult
user interface.  It's just too much data too display in a dialog to be
easily understood by most humans I know.

    (accepting-values ...
	    (accepting-values ...		The numbers are just separate
		    3			different accept forms!!!!!!
		    5  )
	    (accepting-values ...
		    8  )  ....)


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