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accepting-values recursively

SWM and KAnderson each make good suggestions about breaking up large
dialogs.  There's another point that people are missing, I think.  

The semantics of nested accepting-values isn't defined.  I'd like to
see a description of the behaviour that is desired.

(Practically speaking, accepting-values is a loop that runs repeatedly
until you exit.  User code specifies the appearance of the display.  If
you put anything in the display part of the loop *other than accepts and
buttons* (which are treated specially) that asks for input, then you are
asking the display phase to pause, unfinished, while you do something
else.  That, to my mind, breaks the contract of the (outer) accepting

Note: I'm referring to accepting-values simply nested within other
accepting-values, not to accepting-values within buttons within
accepting-values as SWM was proposing.


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