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Re: Rotated Text?

  Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1992 16:03-0500
  From: Richard J Brandau <>
  Subject: Rotated Text?
  To: clim@BBN.COM
  OK, I give up:  How does one get rotated text in CLIM 1.0?  
  So far I've been uniformly unsuccessful regardless of approach or
  platform (Genera 8.1, Allegro 4.0.1 on a Sun, or MCL 2.0).  Either I'm
  really confused, or this is really tricky.

As far as I know, that's not currently supported.

It could be done rather easily if there existed something like bitblt
on the Symbolics, which rotates arbitrary bit arrays.  It might not
be the fastest thing in the world, but usually speed is not critical
when you are drawing things sideways.  Most of us would be happy with
rotation in increments of 90 degrees, which is not real hard.

I have already asked for something like bitblt.  I think
many CLIM users out there could use it.  Perhaps
this would be a good time to ask the CLIM implementors
if this feature is in the works.


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