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Accepting multi-line string input?

I am not particularly familiar with CLIM, but I have been following the 
mailing list for a few months, since I will be using it in the very near 
future.  However, a colleague is using it right now and has a question that he
hasn't been able to answer from the documentation.

He has a need to accept multi-line string input.  He has a pane where he
accepts about 5 different values, some of which can be strings of any length.
Currently, if the user's input hits the end of the window, the window just
increases in width.  He would rather that the line would wrap and the other
prompts be moved down a line.  Is this possible?  

Thanks for any help.  If this is documented in the user's guide, just tell me


Randy A. Coulman                    |
Department of Computational Science | 
University of Saskatchewan          |         
Saskatoon, SK   S7N 0W0             |

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