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I'm reposting this message for the benefit of new members of
this list who may be interested in emulation of choose-variable-values
under CLIM, as was mentioned in a recent posting.

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From: Peter Karp <pkarp>
To: clim@BBN.COM
Subject: New version of CTV-MENU
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A new version of the CTV-MENU package is available for anonymous
FTP from SRI.  This package provides CLIM emulation of various
Symbolics TV-package menu functions, such as choose-variable-values.

This new version contains a number of small bug fixes and
enhancements.  The most significant enhancement is the addition of a
new function that uses a choose-variable-values style dialog window to
allow a user to change the slot values of an instance of any CLOS

FTP all files from directory pub/pkarp/lisp/ctv-menu of host


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