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Terminal-IO Pain

 I am trying to convert a Symbolics application written in Dynamic
Windows to run on a SUN running Allegro CL (this is my first 
experience with CLIM).  The problem I'm having is that in the
original application, output to window panes was accomplished
by changing the globals *terminal-io* and *query-io* when a
menu option was chosen.  Is there a comparable global in CLIM?

 I would like to be able to call 'get-frame-pane for the pane where
I'd like the I/O to occur, set the global variable, call the
LISP function that will perform the I/O, and when the function
returns set the I/O variable back to the original interactor pane.  
If anyone has any ideas on how this would be accomplished please 
let me know.  Thank you.

  Richard Hull
  UCF AI Lab

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