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Hi, I'm using CLIM 1.0 for MCL 2.0 (both beta) and wonder how to let
the user operate the scroll-bars. The manual mentions scrolling in
chapter 24.3.2. The Viewport and Scrolling in CLIM. It says
clim:window-set-viewport-position can be used to scroll a window. The
programmer can of course use this function, but how can the user
operate the scroll-bar, to give the same effect?

I have made an application frame and supplied the :scroll-bar option
to several panes. The scroll-bars appear, but never seem to be active.
Do I have to tell CLIM how big the drawing plane actually is (the
manual says its infinite...)? Do I have to use platform specific
functions and loose portability?

Hallvard Traetteberg
Dept. of Knowledge Based Systems
Center for Industrial Research
Box 124 Blindern, 0314 Oslo 3

Tlf: +47 2 45 20 10
Fax: +47 2 45 20 40


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