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    Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1992 09:24 PST

    Hi, I'm using CLIM 1.0 for MCL 2.0 (both beta) and wonder how to let
    the user operate the scroll-bars. The manual mentions scrolling in
    chapter 24.3.2. The Viewport and Scrolling in CLIM. It says
    clim:window-set-viewport-position can be used to scroll a window. The
    programmer can of course use this function, but how can the user
    operate the scroll-bar, to give the same effect?

    I have made an application frame and supplied the :scroll-bar option
    to several panes. The scroll-bars appear, but never seem to be active.
    Do I have to tell CLIM how big the drawing plane actually is (the
    manual says its infinite...)? Do I have to use platform specific
    functions and loose portability?

You have to be in the CLIM input loop for everything to work
properly.  So, after you have displayed the information, you
could do READ-CHAR or STREAM-INPUT-WAIT on a CLIM window stream.


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