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    Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 12:08 EST
    From: Erik Eilerts <>

	  Does anyone have some clim code they could send me that does the

	  1.  pops up a window
	  2.  makes a call to accepting-values using that window as the stream

This is exactly what the :own-window option to accepting-values is there for.

Here's a toy example.  Note the use of a simple restart so you can return nil
when the dialog is aborted.

(defun sandwich (&optional (stream *query-io*))
  (with-simple-restart (abort "Forget the Sandwich")
    (let* ((s-type :steak)
	   (steak-options (list :mustard :onions))
	   (italian-options (list :lettuce :tomatoes))
	   (options steak-options))
      (accepting-values (stream :own-window t
				:exit-boxes '((:exit " Cool") (:abort " Forget It"))
				:label "Choose a Sandwich")
	(setq s-type (accept '(member :steak :italian)
			     :stream stream
			     :prompt "Type"
			     :default s-type))
	(terpri stream)
	(setq options
	      (if (eql s-type :steak)
		  (setq steak-options
			(accept '(subset :mustard :onions :cheese :peppers)
				:stream stream
				:prompt "With"
				:default steak-options))
		  (setq italian-options
			(accept '(subset :lettuce :tomatoes :pickles)
				:stream stream
				:prompt "With"
				:default italian-options)))))
      (return-from sandwich (cons s-type options))))


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