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Re: lack of :extend-width arg to clim:formatting-table

    Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1992 16:47 EST
    From: "Meir Laker" <>

    3 questions:

    1. What about clim:formatting-item-list which IS documented as
    exhibiting the above behavior?  Apparently there was thought invested
    in this behavior for clim as well!

    2. In addition, clim:formatting-item-list DOESN'T WORK in the above
    case although it is documented to work.  (I guess not enough thought
    was invested, after all!)

This behavior was put into CLIM:FORMATTING-ITEM-LIST for the sole
purpose of making command menus look nice.  It does work, but you need
to supply :NO-INITIAL-SPACING NIL (gee, that's obvious).

    3. Is the method I specify above (using a helper stream and bounding
    rectangle) a reasonable approach if I don't want to hack the
    clim:formatting-table code at the moment?

I would find it easier to extend CLIM:TABLE-FORMATTING, but of course I
am familiar with the code.  You might find it easier, too, but your
approach is not unreasonable if you are willing to pay the performance

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