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    Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1992 17:17 EDT
    From: Eric Domeshek <>

     >     Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1992 15:14 EDT
     >     From: harvard!gatech!cc!domeshek@BBN.COM
     >     I am running CLIM on a MacIvory model 3 (Symbolics Genera 8.1)
     >     When I use OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM to create a window as a child of my main
     >     application-frame's top-level-window, I can use 
     > 	(setf (window-visibility <new-window>) t)
     >     to make it appear, but 
     > 	(setf (window-visibility <new-window>) nil)
     >     does not make it go away.  However, if I hit <function><refresh> after
     >     setting the visibility to NIL, then the window disappears.  Is this a known
     >     bug?  Am I using these functions in the wrong way?  Any suggestions for a
     >     work-around?
     > As a workaround, try WINDOW-STACK-ON-BOTTOM to deexpose it.
     >     The reason I want to explicitly create/expose/de-expose my own little windows
     >     is to implement custom forms of interaction (for instance, a two-dimensional
     >     menu that higlights choices on the axis as you move around the plane).  If
     >     there are more appropriate ways to establish contexts for such effects then
     >     I'd like to hear about them.
     >     Thanks,
     >     Eric (

    I just tried WINDOW-STACK-ON-BOTTOM and got the same behavior.  The window
    only disappears after you do <function><refresh>.

OK.  In that case, create the window with :SAVE-UNDER T when you do the

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