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Re: [spr5329] X-Window interaction with CLIM

> Your explanation makes enough sense that I understand what you are saying
> (not being a X-Window "weenie").  I am looking forward to CLIM 2.0.  As
> a quickie side question, is your Composer product's display interface being
> converted over to CLIM from Common-Windows for your new releases of Allegro?

Yes, this is planned.  However the next full release of Allegro is still
some time away (4.1 just came out last month! :-), so we're not sure
exactly when the new Composer will debut.

	-- jdi

PS: I have discovered that it is quite easy to "compress" the Expose events
    in CLIM 2.0, so even in the absence of an X server that supports backing
    stores, CLIM 2.0 should have near-optimal Expose behaviour.

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