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LUV '92 Update

LUV '92 Update

Michael Stock, President and CEO of Artificial Intelligence Technologies
(AIT) will be the keynote speaker at the the Second International Lisp
Users and Vendors Conference (LUV-92), to be held August 10-14, 1992 in
San Diego, CA.  The theme of the conference will be "Delivering Business
Success with Lisp", and Mr. Stock will explain why AIT is committed to
using Common Lisp and not switching to C++.  For a recent interview with
Mr.  Stock, see the March/April, 1992 issue of "PC AI", and for
a brief desciption of AIT see the article  "Lisp: The Great
Contender" in the January issue of "AI Expert".  
Richard P. Gabriel, Chief Technical Officer of Lucid, Inc., will deliver
the closing address at LUV-92.  Mr. Gabriel is the author of the book
"Performance and Evaluation of Lisp Systems," which publicized the
well-known "Gabriel Benchmarks".  More recently, he has been active on
the ANSI and ISO Lisp standards committees, and was one of the designers
of CLOS.  Mr. Gabriel coauthored the article "CLOS: Integrating
Object-Oriented and Functional Programming" in the September, 1991
special issue on Lisp of "Communications of the ACM" and he authored the
controversial article "LISP: good news, bad news, how to win big." in
the June 1991 issue of AI Expert.

Patrick Kerpan of Swiss Bank O'Connor and Skip Egdorf of Los Alamos
National Laboratories will also be speaking.  Mr. Kerpan will speak on
his experiences delivering Lisp based systems that support the financial
industry.  Mr. Egdorf will speak on delivering a portable discrete event
simulation system using Common Lisp, CLOS and CLIM that is used in the
nuclear power industry.

If you would like to present a paper get a copy of the LUV-92 conference 
brochure from your favorite Lisp vendor and check out the call for
papers there.   Hurry, the deadline for papers is June 1.

The first two days (August 10-11) of the conference will be tutorials
offered by outstanding instructors:

	New Features of ANSI Standard Common Lisp (Lois Wolf, Franz, Inc.)
	CLOS I&II (Allan Wechsler, Symbolics, Inc.)
	Porting Lisp Applications to Stock Hardware (Jim Veitch, Franz, Inc., John Aspinall, Symbolics, Inc.)
	Interfacing Lisp with Other Languages (Charlie Cox, Franz, Inc.)
	Developing Applications for Business (Dean Scharnhorst, Symbolics, Inc.)
	Macrology (Robert Kerns, Digital Equipment Corp.)
	Advanced CLOS (Jon L. White, Lucid, Inc.)
	Instroduction to CLIM (Lois Wolf, Franz, Inc.)
	Advanced CLIM (John Aspinall and Scott McKay, Symbolics, Inc.)
	Interfacing Lisp to SQL Databases (Cris Kobryn, Harlequin, Ltd.)
	Elements of Good Lisp Programming Style (Peter Norvig, Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

Ask your favorite Lisp vendor representative for a conference brochure
that describes the conference in more detail and contains registration
information. Or send your name and address via e-mail to Peter Van
Sickel at  This will be forwarded to Laura Lotz of An
Event to Remember and she will send you a registration form.  Or you can
contact Laura Lotz directly at (215)651-2990

Special Note to full-time students:  We are searching for up to several
full-time students to help at the registration desk, run errands, etc.
in exchange for a waiver of all tutorial and conference fees (a $300
value).  please contact the conference chairman at
<> if you wish to apply.  The deadline for
applications is May 15th.

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