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Trouble with keyboard accelerator

    Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1992 10:19 EDT
    From: Brent Reeves <>

     I'm running Genera 8.1 and CLIM version 27 and
     can't get keyboard accelerators to work.  After the
     following command is defined, when I press
     control-r or control-shift-r, the machine just
     beeps.  And the "recreate" command does not show up
     in the command table.

     (define-network-design-command (com-recreate
				    :keystroke #\c-r
				    :menu nil)
      (when *most-recent-palette-item*
	(com-create-copy *most-recent-palette-item*)))

If you have an interactor pane in your frame, CLIM does not defaultly
read keystroke accelerators.  You need to tell it to do so explicitly.
Specialize your READ-FRAME-COMMAND method to call READ-COMMAND, and

The behavior is such because otherwise it would be too easy to have
keytstroke accelerators clash with normal printing characters.


    Brent Neal Reeves       (303) 492-1218


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