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question about args to define-xxx-command

    Date: Tue, 5 May 1992 17:04 EDT
    From: Brent Reeves <>

     Running Genera 8.1 and CLIM 1.0.  Compiler tells me:

     For CLIM Presentation Translator
      CLIM Presentation Translator
      pt-design-unit-to-com-connect-translator is defined twice in the

    (define-network-design-command (com-connect :name "Connect" :menu nil)
	((du1 'pt-design-unit :gesture :select)
	 (du2 'pt-design-unit :gesture :select))
      (pushnew (key du1) (connections du2))
      (pushnew (key du2) (connections du1))
      (audit "~&~a is now connected to ~a" (key du1) (key du2)))
     I suppose the two ":gesture :selects" are causing it ("causing" that
     is in the macro expansion where the translators get defined).  How
     should this be defined instead?

Is the connection directional?  If not, just remove the ":gesture
:select" from one of the two command arguments.  If, on the other hand,
connections are directional, you will need to have different presentation
types (which can share a common supertype) that represent "input" and
"output" units.

Macroexpand the DEFINE-NETWORK-DESIGN-COMMAND form for more detailed info
on what is going on.


    Brent Neal Reeves          (303) 492-1218
			   "visualize whirled peas"


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