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CLIM 1.0 :gesture nil seems not to work

 The ":gesture nil" is supposed to allow access to the command "only
 from a menu" CLIM 1.0 page 198.  But the following does not let me
 click right to get a menu:

 ;; (Running CLIM 1.0 on Genera 8.1)
 (define-network-design-command (com-hide-history
	:name "Hide History Group" :menu nil)
    ((history-group 'pt-history-group :gesture nil))

 My work around has been to write

 (define-network-design-command (com-hide-history
	:name "Hide History Group" :menu nil)
    ((history-group 'pt-history-group :gesture :select))

 and then just define the "real" select command first, i.e. if I have
 5 commands for this object, and I want one of them to be accessible
 from the :select gesture, I define all of them to be :gesture
 :select.  The mouse documentation line shows only the first one, the
 others are then accessible from the normal menu.  Any advice on how
 one is supposed to allow access to a command only from a menu?


Brent Neal Reeves          (303) 492-1218
		       "visualize whirled peas"


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