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Re: Wanted: readline-no-echo

> proposal by David Gray pointed out that the compound stream of the
> original CLtL specification (echo-, broadcast-, two-way-, and
> concatentated-) are antithetical to the architecture of subclassable
> closified stream types.  For instance, a generic function that needs
> to descriminate on stream class has an intractible problem with an
> echo stream.  There is no automatic way for the gf to discriminate on
> either the input stream or output stream -- only the echo stream is
> available to the gf discrimination mechanism.

Its actually not as difficult as you think.  You can get a lot of mileage out 
of delegation via no-applicable-method and friends.

> I really don't want to get sucked too deep into the issue whether a
> frame pane actually would be implemented as an echo stream, but in
> fact it seems unlikely.

I would not expect it to be an echo-stream either.  Unfortunately, people have 
a tendency to read too much into the names of these compound stream classes, 
and end up believing them to have all sorts of magical behavior.


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