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Re: Wanted: readline-no-echo

  Date: Thu, 07 May 92 10:52:29 EST
  From: Kim Barrett <>
  To: Steve Haflich <>
  Subject: Re: Wanted: readline-no-echo 
  Cc: jmorrill@BBN.COM,, clim@BBN.COM
  > I really don't want to get sucked too deep into the issue whether a
  > frame pane actually would be implemented as an echo stream, but in
  > fact it seems unlikely.
  I would not expect it to be an echo-stream either.  Unfortunately, people have 
  a tendency to read too much into the names of these compound stream classes, 
  and end up believing them to have all sorts of magical behavior.

Ok, so its not an echo stream.  I am just trying to apply the
following passage to User Interfaces, from the Book of Steele,
Verse 22.2.1:

"XJ313 voted in January 1989 <138> to clarify the interaction of
read-char with echo-streams (as created by make-echo-stream).  A
character is echoed from the input stream to the associated output
stream the first time it is seen."

If you want to implement

(defun readline-no-echo (&optional (stream *standard-input*)) ...)

then the problem I suggested for echo-streams can be legislated away
in any number of ways:

 a) It is an error to use an echo-stream as the input to the function.
    I am willing to accept this solution if CLIM promises not to
    give me one as the binding of *standard-input*.
 b) encapsulate STREAM with a special stream that knows
    how not to echo
 c) tell STREAM how not to echo by temporarily setting the
    echo-stream output-stream to something that just dumps
    the echo output on the floor.



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