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Dumb question on presentation options w/ completion presentation type

How do I utilize presentation options with the completion presentation type?
The doc. excels at providing nil example on this and the explanation leaves
me scratching my head.
I have instances of objects that have their own present & accept methods and
I can't seem to get them to present themselves in a manner different from the
standard lisp princ form of an instance for the completion presentation type.  Ie:

(accept (list 'completion A-LIST-OF-FIVE-INSTANCES) :stream *my-stream*
		:prompt "WHICH ONE")

If you hit help key <c-?> in the interactor pane invoking this accept you get
something like:

#<instance-1 @ #x2389732>
#<instance-2 @ #x2383682>
#<instance-3 @ #x2463532>
#<instance-4 @ #x2382873>
#<instance-5 @ #x2272732>

If I have a function that does a present-to-string such as:

(defun present-my-instance (a) (present-to-string a 'my-instance-type))

I tried:

(accept (list (list 'completion A-LIST-OF-FIVE-INSTANCES)
	:name-key #'present-my-instance) :stream *my-stream*
	:prompt "WHICH ONE")

And I get the same results@^&$%@&?  What am I missing?


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