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transformation & highlighting

I'm using CLIM 1.0 and MCL 2.0 (both beta) (Oh am I tired of adding
'both beta', I hope the real release comes soon)

I'm drawing a graph and have made a command to change the scaling
factor. It accepts a number and then installes a scaling-transformation
with this number in both dimensions, with (setf medium-transformation).
The drawing is scaled all right, but the box that is drawn when
highlighting is scaled wrong: In fact it is scaled two times, as if
composing it wioth itself. So when the scaling is 2 the box appears
too far down and to the right and is too big, if it is 1/2 it appears
too high and to the left and is too small.

Is this a known bug or a known (typical) programmer fault?  If it is a
bug, is there a bug fix anywhere?

And another question: When using a big scaling the drawing usually
extends beyond the viewport, i.e. a lot of the drawing is clipped. But
the scroll-bars aren't activated so I cannot scroll to see the whole
drawing. What can be the problem?

Regards, Hallvard

Hallvard Traetteberg
Dept. of Knowledge Based Systems
Center for Industrial Research
Box 124 Blindern, 0314 Oslo 3

Tlf: +47 2 45 20 10
Fax: +47 2 45 20 40


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