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    Date: Fri, 29 May 1992 11:03+0200
    From: unido!!Hallvard.Tretteberg

    I'm using CLIM 1.0 and MCL 2.0 (both beta) (Oh am I tired of adding
    'both beta', I hope the real release comes soon)

    I'm drawing a graph and have made a command to change the scaling
    factor. It accepts a number and then installes a scaling-transformation
    with this number in both dimensions, with (setf medium-transformation).
    The drawing is scaled all right, but the box that is drawn when
    highlighting is scaled wrong: In fact it is scaled two times, as if
    composing it wioth itself. So when the scaling is 2 the box appears
    too far down and to the right and is too big, if it is 1/2 it appears
    too high and to the left and is too small.

    Is this a known bug or a known (typical) programmer fault?  If it is a
    bug, is there a bug fix anywhere?

That sounds like a bug, but I never saw a behavior like that on the Genera
implementation of CLIM.

    And another question: When using a big scaling the drawing usually
    extends beyond the viewport, i.e. a lot of the drawing is clipped. But
    the scroll-bars aren't activated so I cannot scroll to see the whole
    drawing. What can be the problem?

I don't know what you mean by "activated". The behavior is that drawing
is clipped but the scroll bars aren't *redrawn*, that is, they don't reflect 
the new vieport/window relationship. However, you should be able to *use* the scroll
bars, i.e. click on it to change the viewports position.
If you want the behavior (what would be more accurate), that the scroll bars
are redrawn you have to call CLIM:WINDOW-REFRESH.
A faster solution -  but NOT part of the documented CLIM function level -

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