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simple-parse-error query - maybe potential problem?

In CLIM 1.1, I noticed the following problem with accept's handling of
simple-parse-error and I think it may be an oversight in the CLIM specs,
or maybe its a problem only in Allegro.

In my own case I have complex time types that allow optional type-tags to the time values.  I utilized simple-parse-error in my accept method to inform the user of various illegalities of the way they had input the time values.  The
simple-parse-error forms work as expected in normal accept invokation, however
if you use accept-from-string and you hit the simple-parse-error form in
your accept (you will hit the debugger - at least in Allegro Lispm).  My
question is this.  I need to be able to utilize that parse-error checking
capability within accept-from-string (particular case is file stream reads w/
read-line), is there a way to write an accept method that will work with
simple-parse-error for both accept, and accept-from-string?

Accept-from-string seems to need additional arguments in which the
user can direct parse-error interaction with the user if need be? Any
suggestions from the CLIM gurus out there?


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