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text-style-family returns number Sender: Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1992 18:50-0400 From: Scott McKay <>

    Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1992 20:06 EDT
    From: Philip Chu-Summer 92 <>

	   Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1992 17:25 EDT
	   From: Philip Chu-Summer 92 <>

	   I'm using CLIM 4.1 with Franz Allegro Common Lisp on a Sun
	   Sparcstation. After creating a text style, I'd like to be able to
	   retrieve the text style components, but for the text face I get a
	   number instead of the originally provided name. Is this a bug, and how
	   do I go about getting the face name?

	   USER(26): (clim:make-text-style :fix :bold :large)
	   #<CLIM::TEXT-STYLE :FIX.:BOLD.:LARGE @ #x15bfe6e>
	   USER(27): (clim:text-style-face *)
	   USER(28): (clim:text-style-family **)
	   USER(29): (clim:text-style-size ***)

       I had thought that this was fixed in CLIM 1.1, although it is possible
       that it did not make it into the Franz stream.

       CLIM::FACE-CODE->FACE will turn the number into a face name.

    Thanks, CLIM::FACE-CODE->FACE solved my problem. I know that besides
    the fix for the abovementioned problem, CLIM::FORMAT-GRAPH-FROM-ROOTS
    didn't make it into the CLIM 1.1 release from Franz. Is there a
    publicly-available list of bug-fixes/enhancements made in CLIM 1.1? If
    there were, I could direct my queries to the guys at Franz on topics
    that have already been addressed on this list.

The Symbolics documentation includes a list of most of the bugfixes
and enhancements to CLIM 1.1.  Due to internal schedules, Franz, Inc.
was a little bit ahead of the rest of us in releasing CLIM 1.1, and so
that list might not fully apply to them.  Maybe that's what you are
asking for.  I don't know a good way to publish the Symbolics release
notes, since they are typeset only in Concordia (which is the
hypertext typesetting and documentation system used under Genera).


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