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Re: text-style-family returns number

  Date: Wed, 1 Jul 92 17:06:23 PDT
  From: Philip Chu-Summer 92 <>
  Cc: clim@BBN.COM
  Subject: text-style-family returns number
  Thanks, CLIM::FACE-CODE->FACE solved my problem. I know that besides
  the fix for the abovementioned problem, CLIM::FORMAT-GRAPH-FROM-ROOTS
  didn't make it into the CLIM 1.1 release from Franz. Is there a
  publicly-available list of bug-fixes/enhancements made in CLIM 1.1? If
  there were, I could direct my queries to the guys at Franz on topics
  that have already been addressed on this list.
  Phil Chu
  Artificial Intelligence Research Branch
  NASA Ames Research Center

I already pressed them to cough up the new & improved clim
grapher.  Send mail to and ask for patch 3002.

jeff morrill

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