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Why doesn't this work?

    Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1992 12:28+0100
    From: Oliver Christ <unido!!oli>

    [Lucid Lisp with CLIM 1.0 Beta]

    To let the user select an object of type 'dag-node (my own class) or
    to select nothing, I would expect the following to work:

	    (defun read-node (stream)
	      (clim:with-input-context ('(or clim:blank-area dag-node))
		(dag-node        node)
		(clim:blank-area nil)))

    but it doesn't. Of course, the user may select a dag-node, but clicks on
    the blank area of the pane aren't recognized.


    Thanks, Oli

This seems to be a bug even in CLIM 1.1, but (accept 'blank-area) works perfectly.

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